Deposit Policy

  • All deposits are non-refundable
  • Deposits go towards the cost of the tattoo and will be deducted from the total day of
  • If a reschedule is needed, please contact us as soon as you can
  • Be aware, 2 reschedules in a row, or last minute cancellations may cause the deposit to be forfeited
  • No call, no show.. will forfeit deposits
  • Deposits promise the tattoo, and will be honored within 12 months
  • Please do not exceed to send more than what is requested, we will not be responsible for refunds


Q: Will I see my design weeks/days before my appointment?

The design will be finalized the day of your appointment.

Q: What can I bring to my appointment?

Feel free to bring headphones, water, snacks, comfortable clothing or an extra jacket.

Q: What is my tattoo aftercare?

We'll explain instructions and tips in person to help with any concerns.